Sobriety is described as the state of not being intoxicated. Sobriety generally directs a person’s conclusion to refrain from substance use. This decision often arrives because of an addiction negatively affecting their lives.

Sobriety Quotes – Proud of Your Sobriety Quotes

  • I hope these inspirational recovery quotes are what you need to read to celebrate your new life in sobriety.
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  • Maybe you left counseling too soon, maybe you thought you were strong enough to hang out with friends who drink or use, maybe you aren’t taking good enough care of your physical health.
  • Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar said what you become is your gift to God just as much as what you are is God’s gift to you.

Self-love is crucial to your recovery, helping you tend to your needs, forgive yourself, and work towards a better life. If this inspired you, you’ll definitely want to read these strength quotes. Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorousold sober quotes, sober sayings, and sober proverbs, collected over the years from a varietyof sources.

Sobriety Anniversary Quotes

If you find yourself wavering, be buoyed by the love of your family and friends, guided by the advice of recovered addicts who have walked the same path, and encouraged by these quotes. I tell the story all the time, telling it in groups all the time because it’s it’s very it’s very powerful to me. So one thing I tell the clients a lot is you know when they’re struggling with the decision to stay in treatment or not, right.

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sober as a sayings

I hope you enjoyed this collection of 30 days of sobriety quotes, 5 years of sobriety quotes, and 100 sobriety anniversary quotes. The very first step towards recovery is to seek help. If you are on the road to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, you have something to celebrate about. Reminiscing on your positive recovery progress by reading the inspirational road to recovery quotes sober as a sayings is a terrific way to stay motivated and optimistic about your success. A recent study found that participants who received inspirational quotes reported higher well-being, life satisfaction, and happiness scores than those who did not. These findings are consistent with previous research that showed the power of the right words to motivate and inspire people to a better life.

  • Sometimes I write short inspirational sobriety quotes on notecards.
  • Family of addicts quotes can help ensure loved ones of their parents and siblings love and support that they are not alone.
  • While there is a shift in how society is treating and viewing alcohol, it’s big business for everyone–even the people charged with policing its use.
  • Many before you have faced the same challenges you face today and persevered.

These sobriety quotes offer us reasoning to persist in fighting addiction. With hope, we evolve more strongly, and by communicating that resilience through sobriety quotes, we inspire others to see a more optimistic future alongside us. Numerous amazing drug addiction support quotes by anonymous people inspired others to maintain their dedication to sobriety. Although your past behaviors shape who you are, it does not define who you will be. This is determined by your actions and behavior, not your past addiction. What you did in the past does not decide who you will be in the future.

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  • Addiction can feel like a black hole, particularly if you’ve tried to quit before and failed or relapsed.
  • You might be afraid of what happens if you keep drinking, but you’re more afraid of what happens when you stop.
  • If any of these quotes strike a chord with you—use them.

Family of addicts quotes can encourage loved one’s to carry on. A sobriety birthday is a date that someone in addiction recovery celebrates their sobriety. Typically it is the anniversary of their first day of getting sober and no longer drinking alcohol. The actual AA Birthday date or happy sobriety birthday day is not as important as the reasons for celebrating one’s recovery success. Sharing sobriety quotes during recovery from addiction can provide much-needed encouragement to keep progressing each day sober.

As the year comes to an end, it can be challenging to stay sober. However, these 101 Sobriety Quotes may be able to help. Read them aloud or put them somewhere where you will see them frequently. These alcohol addiction quotes can significantly impact your path to recovery. People often find drug addiction quotes for families helpful. It isn’t just those who struggle with substance abuse; their family members, friends, and other loved ones are impacted, too.

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California Sober: The Rise of a Lifestyle That Redefines Sobriety.

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sober as a sayings